Most Popular Arcade Games Of All Time

Most Popular Arcade Games Of All TimeIn the 1980s and in the mid-1990s, arcades ruled the video game industry. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most popular arcade games of all time. But beware, these data corresponding to the most popular arcade games of all time in the United States, and the base is the total of sold hardware units and gross unadjusted them. There is no such data available in Brazil.

Mr. Do! – 1982

Mr. Do! It was developed by Universal and released in arcades in 1982. The gameplay is a mixture of Pac-Man and Dig Dug, In the first year of launch, Mr. Do! It sold more than 30,000 units to arcades in the US alone.

Donkey Kong Jr. – 1982

Although he never managed to recapture the success of its predecessor, Donkey Kong Jr. remains one of the biggest arcade game releases from Nintendo of the 1980s
Donkey Kong Jr. has sold more than 30,000 units in its first year was and later ported to home systems like Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ColecoVision and of course the NES system from Nintendo itself.

Galaxian – 1979

Often mistaken as part of the Space Invader series, Galaxian is the Namco game developer in the original arcade concept to Taito.
Galaxian is a game developer example producing amazing results in hardware, although primitive. When it was launched, the Namco game was favorite among fans and critics alike, appearing in more than 40,000 arcade halls across the country

Defender – 1981

Eugene Jarvis is a legend of the game industry. Defender, its first video game, brought gathered suggestions from Space Invaders and Asteroids, putting players in command to defeat aliens invading the sky, while shielding astronauts on the surface of a distant planet.
To date, more than 60,000 offices arcade were made to the United States, bringing more than US $ 1 billion in gross revenue from 2002.

Asteroids – 1979

The game puts players in the role of a small plane drifting in space, among the dangers celestial holders. The controls allow people to turn your plane, speed, and firing a shot that divides asteroids in half till they explode.
The players still alive to avoid the collision with the asteroid fragments, a goal that becomes more difficult to achieve with each stage completed. More than 100,000 arcade units have been sold, and revenue rose to US $ 800 million in 1991, surpassing Defender in a shorter space of time.

Ms. Pac-Man – 1981

In an edition of May 1982 “Electronic Games Magazine,” Stan Jarocki of Midway said Ms. Pac-Man was created as a thank you to all the women players who made the original Pac-Man a hit with both sexes.
Released around the world in early 1982, Ms. Pac-Man plays identically to its predecessor. The exact revenue figures are unknown, but more than 125,000 firms found their way in arcades before the end of 1980.

Donkey Kong – 1981

Drawing inspiration from the “Popeye the Sailor Man,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “King Kong,” Miyamoto nailed it. “Culturally significant”, this game becomes the greater the release of arcade in 1981 by Nintendo.
The gameplay was innovative for the time, since it was one of the first examples of a platform game. Sales of Donkey Kong were explosive, with over 132,000 arcades sold to the tune of US $ 280 million in its first year alone.

Street Fighter II ‘Championship Edition – 1992

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was an immediate success when it hit arcades in 1991 and Street Fighter II Championship Edition stands as third position in this selection
Relentlessly ported and re-released for every home game console known to man, Street Fighter II: the World Warrior, and re-introduction as Street Fighter II ‘Championship Edition sold more than 200,000 offices in the United States, accumulating extraordinary us $ 2.5 billion in revenue in less than 5 years.

Pac-Man – 1980

Released worldwide to arcades in 1980, the original game and its more than 30 reviews are now available on every Android platform for ZX Spectrum from 2015.
Pac-Man was one of the first characters in a video game transcend the medium. After only two years, Pac-Man sold over 400,000 arcade cabinets earning US $ 2.5 billion.

Space Invaders – 1978

Looking like a primitive game currently, Space Invaders was a feat of engineering when released in arcades around the world in 1978. In Space Invaders, players control a laser cannon and defend their territory against waves of enemies that gradually descend from the sky.
The idea is to defeat all the enemies before they destroy the planet if you do not go by the way, in a rudimentary screen appears the mythical “Game Over”. Space Invaders remains the most popular arcade game of all time, selling 360,000 units in two years, and earning US $ 2.702 billion in just four years after its initial release.

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Some Reasons Why Men Cheat

Some Reasons Why Men CheatMen are somewhat different from women when it comes to betrayal , and this difference stems from the fact that men tend to define infidelity so a little strict .
Just keep in mind the famous phrase, “I had sex with that woman”. And more generally, most men would say that pornography as a sexual canal, would be a normal thing because there is no physical contact, so there is no betrayal .

Most women do not agree with that; as evidence, male readers could only ask for girlfriend or wife what she thinks. Then pornography counts as infidelity? If you tell, so many men are unfaithful.
Men who engage in romantic and sexual relations after making a vow of monogamy, do so for a variety of underlying psychological reasons. In this selection are the 10 reasons why men cheat.

He lacks male bonding and an equal community

Have devalued their own healthy need to socialize openly, friendships and solid community with other men, his reaction to a busy or distracted partner is even more harmful. Just as he expects all their emotional and physical needs are met by this person, who is the mother

He wants to finish

He is looking to end your current relationship, and it is through the use of external romantic and sexual activity to give your wife or girlfriend the message, without having to be right.
Or if he is a man who likes to be alone, then find someone new and “better” before leaving the current relationship provides a safer and smoother landing.

He is addicted

Maybe he has a troubled relationship with ongoing alcohol or drugs that affect your decision-making and inhibits the same. It may also have a problem with sexual compulsion, meaning that it uses sexual activity as a way to calm down, escape from uncomfortable emotions, and disassociate themselves from the pain of underlying psychological conditions.

He is confused about love

He is confused in relation to rush the start of the novel, with the concept of love. He does not understand that in true love relationships, the beginning, visceral attraction is gradually replaced by the sweetest feelings longer term connection, honesty, commitment, and emotional intimacy.


He’s bored, overworked, or otherwise with overloaded mind, and feel worthy of something special that is just for him, hiring prostitutes or viewing pornography or having affairs.
Or maybe he wants more attention his mate and thinks that a period of absence will lead to the same please. This reason is sixth in this selection of the 10 reasons why men cheat.

He has unreasonable expectations

He believes that his partner should meet all your needs sexual and emotional, every time, without fail. In his narcissistic way and self-focused, he does not understand that your partner may be dealing with multiple priorities.
As examples the children, work, home, finance, and beyond the relationship. When your partner will inevitably fail with him, in his opinion, he feels entitled to seek close attention elsewhere.

He has trauma

Maybe he’s acting unfaithfully due to traumatic early experiences, such as physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse. Formative his wounds caused him to be unable or unwilling to commit fully to another person. It can also search for sexual intensity out of his relationship as a way to self-medicate, to escape from his emotional and physical pain

He is immature

He thinks that as long as your partner does not find out, he is not hurting anyone. He does not understand that the other important people almost always know when something is happening. He does not understand that his partner possibly discovers what’s going on, and when it occurs, will not be good.

It is unsafe

Basically, he feels he is too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too poor, too stupid, or too anything. It uses flirtation, pornography, and extramarital sex as a way to feel better about themselves.
This to ensure that it is still desirable, that is good enough. Being insecure is second place in this selection of 10 reasons why men cheat.

He is a liar

He never intended to be monogamous, though their commitment. He does not understand that his vow of fidelity is a sacrifice made for and by their relationship, and the person he professes to love.
This man sees monogamy as something to be worked around, rather than get involved. Being a liar is a leading position in this selection of 10 reasons why men cheat

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10 signs that it is controlling your life

10 signs that it is controlling your lifeOne of the best parts about being in a relationship is to feel that you have a partner who will support you, without controlling the life of another. A question that should always be done is if you really are with a partner woman or a parent. Sometimes, who is within the relationship does not realize, but outsiders may have noticed that control. The ideal is to know how to find the balance in this relationship. In this selection are highlighted 10 signs that it is controlling your life.

She watches the cell without stopping

It’s amazing how the driver is always watching the cellular boyfriend and checking all application messages and his social networks. Man has the right to their own privacy and also has the right to be in a relationship where you feel that there is reliable partner.

She gnaws on small details

Nobody likes to feel like you are in a trial, but remain in a relationship with a partner that controls it , then it is exactly the feeling that will recur.
The less confident for this partner, the more it will examine every little detail of his life. This is especially nasty because if it is doing this, then it is almost definitely a controller.

Accusation of treason

If your boyfriend is really reliable, the constant accusations of betrayal they will be recurring quickly. When she upsets on details, it is only natural that man can forget small nuances of the day.
But when it is in a controlling relationship, all the little slips are definitely signs that he is cheating. Unfortunately when the partner begins to insist that there is betrayal, it may be some projection of the final and it may be that in the end is cheating.

She hates the partner’s hobbies

Someone who is controlling not only alienate hobbies and partner activities, but will try and make you feel bad for taking pleasure in these things.
The man does not want to end the relationship and realize that all hobbies and old passions were completely ignored during the relationship. Surprisingly, it also notice with hope as damaging is this relationship.

She is selfish

Similar to have their own favorite activities, someone who is controlling, try and control the activities when they are together. If the man does not want to see a romantic comedy on the anniversary, unfortunately partner is bossy and everything that she says she will. It is important to remember that dating a partner, not a princess who must have all the perks.

It reduced his self-esteem

One of the biggest and most dangerous signs that she is controlling the relationship is that this reduced self-esteem of the other, and can do this in several ways. The woman who is controlling will also have high expectations, and it can leave you feeling like you do not deserve anyone else.

She isolated her partner from friends and family

It can be really difficult to be in a relationship, and then quickly he realizes that friends and family are more important. But of course they are!
Man is only with someone who is controlling and a big part of that is to make sure that it is the main and only form of support. You need luck to break up with her, if it knows that there is no family or friends close to him. You realize that the situation became critical when you have to choose between a barbecue with your family or do her will, and go elsewhere.

It requires all his spare time

The man has the right to have time only for you, and it should not leave any relationship that require different. The best relationships are those in which every free second is passed to two.
But instead, the relations that allow to both grow as individuals and as a relationship. This may even be worse if you are with someone who is angry every time he says he may need some time alone.

She gets upset when the partner does not respond immediately

If a man starts to get nervous, because the partner will be upset for not responding immediately, especially when he had a valid reason, then he should also start to realize how much control this behavior is.
The partner should love receive a text message from her and answer because you want to talk to her, not because he knows he will have trouble otherwise.

The partner does not feel more righteous

The man is in a controlling relationship when it begins to step back and realize that really is no longer himself. His identity A tends to curl up with a partner in the relationship, at least to a certain point, and the more controlling the ratio, further their own sense of identity will be.
The man did not feel you have support because she controlled this element of his life, and he remains in a harmful relationship and literally does not know how to end it.

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Top 10 longest train routes in the world

Top 10 longest train routes in the world

Since the evolutionary stages, man has made phenomenal progress as far as relative development of infrastructure such as transport. The man was able to connect many parts of the world through road, rail and air.

One of the means most important transportation is the railroad and in many countries around the world have developed extensive rail networks to serve the economy and the population, by connecting distant places. In this selection are the 10 longest train routes in the world in 2015.
In relation to Brazil, even though many people do not imagine, in the country there is also possibility to travel by train, which can represent amazing experience to adventurers. There is possibility to travel from one old Maria Smoke to train more modernity and comfort.
A Brazilian tourist railway section stands out, in Curitiba (PR) to Morretes (PR). The trip is very interesting by sight, especially in the Sierra region. It is determined by one of the railway routes of greatest beauty of the country.

The section comprises 110 km, with construction business purpose in the 19th century and currently receives many tourists. Ticket prices vary widely, with an option for many tastes, even featuring luxury cars.

More tourist railroad tracks that stand out are Aquidauana (MS) Miranda (MS), and São Luís (MA) for Parauapebas (PA) and also in Belo Horizonte (MG) to Vitoria (ES).

Shanghai-Lhasa, China Railways

This is the tenth in the selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world, and is among the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Lassa, which is served by the train T164 from China Railways. The route is 4373 km long and is covered by daily train in 48 hours and 56 minutes, stopping at 12 stations along the way

Chicago-Los Angeles, Amtrak

This train route is 4390 km long between the two major US cities, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Texas Eagle train 21/22 Railway Amtrak service runs 3 times a week on this route, covering the distance in period summed up to 65 hours and 20 minutes with 40 stops along the route.

Harbin-Haikou, China Railways

The daily train K1121 from China Railways covers a distance of 4458 km between the cities of Harbin and Haikou in China, the total period of 65 hours and 42 minutes, stopping at 52 points along the way.

Toronto-Vancouver, Via Rail

This train route is among the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver (Canada). The 4466 km length of railway route is crossed by train 3 times a week, The Canadian ½, Via Rail in a period of 86 hours, or three days. And performs 66 stops on the route.

Guangzhou-Urumqi Railways

This train route is between Guangzhou and Urumqi in China, which is served by trains daily Z136 / Z138-7/5 of China Railways. The train covers a distance of 4684 kilometers in total 49 hours and 34 minutes, stopping at 31 stations along the way.

Shanghai-Kuldja, China Railways

The train route between Shanghai and Kuldja has gstão by China Railways daily train T206 / T204-3/5. The 4742 km long route is covered in 55 hours and 43 minutes with 32 stops on the way.

Guangzhou-Lhasa, China Railways

The Guangzhou railway route to Lassa measures in length 4980 km. The daily train T264 from China Railways travels the route in 54 minutes and 30 minutes with 10 stops on your route.

Moscow (Russia) -Beijing (China) via Ulan Bator, Russian Railways / Mongolian Railways / China Railways

This route is third in this selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world. This country crossing train route is long 7826 km is served by a weekly train 43/33, which spans the distance in 131 hours, corresponding to 5.5 days, making 33 stops in all.

Moscow (Russia) -Beijing (China) via Harbin (China), Russian Railways / China Railways

In second place on this selection, the 10 longest train routes in the world, stands this route with 8984 km long, from Moscow in Russia and Beijing in China. The route is served by a weekly train Vostok 020W / 0194, covering a period of 144 hours, which is 6 days, with 44 stops on the route.

Moscow-Vladivostok, Russian Railways

A rail route of 9259 km in length, between Moscow and Vladivostok, is the longest railway in the world, with leading position in this selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world. It is crossed by train Rossiya 002 Russian Railways, which runs every other day and it takes 178 hours, which is 7 days to reach your destination, stopping at 67 stations along the way.
And some other train routes that are considered to be the most world long are those between Sydney-Perth (Australia), Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari (India), Hangzhou, Urumqi (China) and Changchun, Kunming (China). The majority of these are located in China. This country also stands out in the list of the largest and most high bridges in the world and the largest hydroelectric power .

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15 great books that you can read in a day (or less)

15 great books that you can read in a day (or less)

good book is not synonymous with great book! To prove, we select some books that you can read in a day (or less), which are considered classics of classical, modern and contemporary literature. Check it!

1. Death in Venice

Author: Thomas Mann
Year: 1912
This sensitive and complex work German writer Thomas Mann, the reader follows the story of platonic love of Gustav von Aschenbach, a renowned literary author, the young Tadzio, 12, during your vacation in Venice, Italy.
Many people think that homosexuality is the central theme in “Death in Venice”, which is totally wrong. This masterpiece of literature is a very deep analysis of the desires, fears and hopes of the people.
This classic, which was adapted for film in 1971, directed by Luchino Visconti, can easily be “swallowed up” in just one day!

2. Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury
Year: 1953

With less than 200 pages, lovers of science fiction dystopian stories cannot fail to read this book!
In the distant future, critical thinking becomes a crime. People are forbidden to express their opinions, which will then be considered mere antisocial characteristics.
And for those who cannot stay away from literature, the worst is yet to come: in the world of Fahrenheit 451 all books are banned!
This extraordinary work had a film adaptation in 1966, directed the iconic François Truffaut!

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Author: Truman Capote
Year: 1958
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (original title in English) is one of the most popular novels of Capote, one of the most respected writers and American playwrights.
In this work, the reader is introduced to a simple and touching story about the world of luxury, sex and friendship. Surely a must read and it will take only a few hours of your day!

4. Mrs. Dalloway

Author: Virginia Woolf

Year: 1925

It is one of the most famous novels of Virginia Woolf and can be read in just one day!
The work tells the story of the character Clarissa Dalloway, who is preparing to make a big party. How Virginia Woolf builds the text so that the reader can know the protagonist is paramount!
Mrs. Dalloway is considered one of the top 100 books  of all time, according to several experts in world literature.
If you’re a true player, Mrs. Dalloway is a must read!

5. Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Author: Gabriel García Márquez
Year: 1981
This is one of the most acclaimed novels of the Colombian Gabriel García Márquez.
It is not the fact that a short story that will make you read this book in less than a day, but the overwhelming desire to unravel its mysteries quickly!
The literary construction of this work is evidence of García Márquez’s genius, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 1982 (one year after the release of this book).

6. Death with Interruptions

Author: José Saramago
Year: 2005

What if Death entered strike?
In this ironic and sarcastic story, Saramago rambles about death, life, love and many other aspects that give “meaning” human existence in a harsh critique of modern society!
If you are stuck in that boring airport stopover for sure the hours pass faster with this book!

7. Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell
Year: 1945

A fierce satire on Soviet Modernist, represented by the figure of different animals fighting against humans on a farm.
It is one of the most acclaimed works of Orwell and in the list of the best books of all time!
With just over 200 pages, the story of animals who struggle to create a “Utopian society” is an excellent metaphor that helps to see the human frailties.

8. Foreign

Author: Albert Camus
Year: 1942

“The Stranger” is part of the so-called cycle of Absurdity, the French novelist Albert Camus, composed of the novel “The Stranger”, the essay “The Myth of Sisyphus” and the play “Caligula”.
This work of “existentialist soul” can be enjoyed in just a few hours!

9. The Metamorphosis

Author: Franz Kafka
Year: 1915

This is one of the best known works of Kafka and certainly one of the most disturbing of modern literature!
“Metamorphosis” is a short novel that tells the story of a traveling salesman who wakes up metamorphosed into a disgusting insect!
Call Precursor “absurd fiction,” Kafka took less than a month to write “The Metamorphosis”, and you will take less than one day to enjoy this reading.

10. Extraordinary

Author: Rachel J. Palacio
Year: 2012

The gripping story of Auggie will not let you leave this book to finish reading the last line!
“Extraordinary” is a success of contemporary children and youth literature, with as background the way people deal with differences and prejudice. Unmissable!

11. Sleep

Author: Haruki Murakami
Year: 2013

With gorgeous Kat Menschik illustrations, “Sleep” is an excellent choice to start the journey for the wonderful works of Haruki Murakami.
Next sleepless night, maybe “Sleep” is a good choice for reading!

12. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Author: Douglas Adams
Year: 1979

The first book in the series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” has less than 200 pages and will be “swallowed” in a few hours for culture lover’s geek!
The series is also composed of “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, “Life, the Universe and Everything” and “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

13. The Striped Pyjamas Boy

Author: John Boyne
Year: 2006

With World War II and the Holocaust as a backdrop, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is a masterpiece of contemporary literature.
The story can be short, but fully loaded with sensitivity and emotion!
The film version of this work won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture Drama in 2008.
If you are thrilled with the movie, read the book!

14. Obscene Lady D

Author: Hilda Hilst
Year: 1982

With a strong thematic and narrative genre which marks the peculiar prose Hilda Hilst, this work is an excellent choice for those who want to start quickly in the work of this author!

15. the two deaths of quincas wateryell

Author: Jorge Amado
Year: 1959

With less than 100 pages, this novel of acclaimed Brazilian writer Jorge Amado will give you a good laugh!

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